Boomtang Sound is your one-stop shop for great original music and all things audio.

Original Music

We can make quality music and sounds for your next big project!
We deliver great music for your project, whether it's a TV series, documentary, feature film, ad campaign or video game. Whatever the genre, our award-winning composers will nail it for you.

Audio Recording & Production

We also do voice-over recording and sound design, and have two dedicated ISDN lines for distance transmission.
Our suites are tailored for voice-over recording, scoring or sound design. Our studios are also equipped with two dedicated ISDN lines for remote sessions from around the globe.

Post-production & Mixing

We do audio post-production, editing, and mixing for 5.1
We can handle every stage of your project, from dialog editing to sound design and 5.1 mixing. Having delivered over 500 episodes of TV, you will be in good hands with our experienced engineers!